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InstaRate has 3 patent pending
review systems unlike any other app.
1 - Tap’n-Go provides for users to
tap on “word groups” that exemplify your experience with business.
2 - Photo Reviews with your smiling face.
3 -  20 second video reviews that share your experience for others.

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This app is the best way for our company to get more
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I love submitting a review with no typing…it’s fast and much
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It’s fun getting happy reviews from my customers! MORE

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Reasons to use InstaRate

Blue Ribbons

1 - InstaRate is the only rating app that provides companies to have a rebuttal/response from any negative reviewer.
The response will be seen by anyone that wants to hear “the other side” and decide for themselves who they think is reasonable. The video that gets the most “blue ribbons” will remain, the least blue ribbons is deleted.

No Typing

2 - Tap’n Go reviews are only offered on the InstaRate app. This method provides users to tap “word groups” that describe what your experience was with the business. This makes giving a review a snap….so fast and easy. Pick as many as you like from over 50 choices!

Manager Interaction

3 - Reviewers can submit reviews directly to the manager of the business or just to the employee. This gives the reviewer the option to make their review just between the reviewer and the business. It is meant to keep their comments private and not be considered as negative, but rather helpful. This eliminates 1 and 2 star reviews being seen by the public.


4 - InstaRate offers a 7-day quarantine period where the manager/administrator can reach out to the reviewer and come to a positive resolution. This provides for a win-win for each party and helps eliminate many harsh, negative reviews.

Authenticate with InstaRate

Reviewer Authentication

Other rating sites don’t offer true authentication methods like InstaRate does. Any negative review can only be submitted by recording a video. No disguises are permitted, and reviewers must state their full name. If it becomes apparent that deception is perpetrated, the user will be permanently deleted from the app.

Proof Of Purchase

InstaRate requires that a 1 or 2 star reviewer, show proof of purchase for the business they are rating.This eliminates the anonymity that is so prevalent with disgruntled employees, near by competitors or fake reviewers.

Manager Response

Managers are provided the opportunity to reach out to the reviewer within the app. Offering a positive alternative 
to posting a negative review is given for 7 days. If the user wants to ensure their video is posted, without deleting it, the manger will then record their response. Neutral viewers will then make the final decision as to which video remains on the app.



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